John DeBlois
Coldwell Banker Realty

  Client Testimonials 


“John DeBlois was our agent during a complicated house sale. John went above and beyond repeatedly and good-naturedly as he made certain all of the I’s were dotted and the T’s crossed. It never occurred to me that an agent could be, or would be as helpful, conscientious and thorough as John has been. Thank you.” 

Phyllis A. 

  "The circumstances of this sale were complex and required an extraordinary amount of pre-planning, follow-up, and work ordinarily done by the seller himself - All of which John took head on and with eyes wide open. He earned every penny of his commission and performed professionally and above the call of duty at every turn. He handled frustrating circumstances with grace and even called upon his own resources to accomplish much of the work needed to prepare the house for sale, get the move accomplished, and close the deal. The market did it's job and provided a buyer, but John drove this challenging sales process from start to finish, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a broker - especially those with possible issues or extenuating circumstances that could cause wrinkles in a sales process".

David S. 

 “My wife & I recently purchased a condominium where John acted as our agent. The seller was a national relocation company that required an inordinate amount of follow up and attention to detail on documentation and coordination with my lender. John saw that all details were followed through with and we closed on schedule and without a hitch! I will recommend John to my friends and neighbors who are in need of a hard working dedicated agent.” 

Matt & Kristin 


My wife and I solicited the services of John DeBlois in the sale of our house in Dover.  Originally built in 1904, located on a major street, and with a mid-to-high level price range, needless-to-say the sale presented no small challenge.  We are happy to say John met or surpassed all expectations in the process and successfully executed the sale in what we feel was record time. 

The process itself was not insignificant.  A lot of work had to be done before we could even put the home on the market.  This included cleaning, painting, septic certification, various inspections and staging.  John was instrumental is having us do exactly what he felt was necessary and nothing more.  There were several “projects” we might have taken on had John not advised us on their potential value.  As well, John was always there to work with the Town and find and deal with different contractors when appropriate.  He made things incredibly easy for us.  

Once staged, John brought in a photographer and put together a very professional brochure on the property.  He held the requisite brokers open houses and generated much interest before even going live.  He provided a fair amount of digital exposure to the sale followed with many individual visits by potential buyers and several open houses while constantly communicating on our prospects and progress.  The transparency of the operation could not have been better. 

When we unexpectedly ran into any complications, John worked hard to keep things on time and on track.  All-in-all we were extremely lucky he was on our side. 

In closing, we are happy to give John our unqualified recommendation and support for his great service and unsurpassed knowledge of our area and the industry.   


Curt & Barbara F. 


 John was a wonderful advocate and advisor to us when we sold our house in Dover, and then bought a beautiful antique property in Dedham. He gave us great guidance on preparing our house for sale, including bringing in a stager who provided us with a thorough set of detailed recommendations that really made a difference. He also lined up other advisors who helped us complete our sale and subsequent purchase with confidence. John’s attention to detail and attentiveness resulted in a smooth and easy transition and we couldn’t be happier in our new home and community. We wouldn’t be here without John.  

George & Nancy K.